Importance of Dogs

Dogs are very essential in human life since they have been used for different purposes. Human being have grown fond of dogs such that it has become so hard for them to live without them. Security is one thing human being is concerned about and with dogs, one may rest assured of maximum security ever. Cases about theft and many more have forced people to fall in love with these creatures called dogs. At least 85 percent of people worldwide are keeping dogs for protection. Some people love dogs so much such that they prefer keeping them for fun and not for anything else. These creatures are beautiful and very entertaining thus not all dogs are best in protecting. Not all dogs can give maximum security some breeds are for keeping them just as pets and admiring their beautiful nature.
 Dogs have different breeds and these breeds have different characters. Large breed dogs tend to have a large appearance but not very tall, these dogs have a scary physic due to its bulkiness. In these large breed dogs their puppies tend to grow so fast and strong within a short time. Large breed dogs need to feed on very high nutritious food which will help in calcium for their large bones and body organs. Large breed dogs are mainly used by police and big organization territories for their strong and large appearance that would scare someone at a glance.
There is small breed dogs from this site, these are dogs that are mostly kept by families for fun and for playing just to reduce boredom, small breed tend to be so attractive physically and they come in different attractive fur.
Elderly people tend to have a boring life thus wanting something that will enlighten their lifestyle and with these small breed dogs the old tend to love them a lot for their entertaining nature. Unlike other dogs small breed dogs don't need complicated grooming rather very simple and easy to walk around with. German shepherd dog is another example of dog breeds, this is the most common breed that is used by many, German shepherd can be described as a very intelligent and wise breed of dogs.  Be sure to discover more here!
German shepherd is used mostly by police for the purpose of intelligence, its appearance symbolizes the wolf and tends to be very cheeky. One may misjudge German's medium-sized appearance not knowing it is the most intelligent and smart dog of all. Water dogs are great swimmers who can swim long distances and are perfect for retrieving anything from the deep waters. These type of breeds are mostly used in retrieving lost fish from fishermen's net or even rescue dead human bodies or anything in the waters.  Dogs have thousands of breeds that serve in different ways, truly dogs are saviors in human life and have been helpful and will continue to be helpful in so many ways. Be sure to check out this website at http://www.encyclopedia.com/plants-and-animals/animals/dogs/dog and know more about dogs.